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How to use List Post Styler?

Using List Post Styler is easy:

  1. Paste your list in the Unsorted List field
  2. Select the sorting order
  3. Add emojis and break lines
  4. Press "Copy text"

Now paste you styled list anywhere you want (LinkedIn posts, YouTube descriptions, Instagram, or even email)

How does List Post Styler work?

List Post Styler calculates the approximate pixel length of each line and sorts the list according to the style you've selected.

While the tool provides a good approximation of the pixel length of a given text, there are some factors that may affect its accuracy. So, depending on your device and browser settings, there might be some innacuracies for lines with very similar length.

List sorting and formatting examples

Here's a valuable list post by Dina Calakovic:

example of the list post by Dina Calakovic on LinkedIn

And here's what happens when we add a bit of more style (Ascending sorting and Pointing finger emojis) to the list: it gives more structure and slightly improves readability.

example of the list post before and after styling with List Post Styler

Here's one more great example: an SEO checklist by Justas Markus:

example of the list post by Justas Markus on LinkedIn

And now we've added an arrow-like sorting and Green checkmark emojis, do you feel the difference?

a checklist list before and after styling with List Post Styler

If you're an online creator, you're already busy with planning great content. Let Link Post Styler take the list formatting off your shoulders.

Why should you style your list posts?

We're glad you asked! Here are the key advantages of a styled list:

Just make sure the styling doesn't break the logic of your message. Use List Post Styler wisely.